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  • TV review. Daybreak. Netflix. A bargain basement Ferris Bueller living in Los Angeles survives nuclear war . For a show like this to have any chance of working it has to be believable. Sorry but Glendale would be evaporated and those in the outmost suburbs of LA would sicken from radiation poisoning. If the premise is a weird guy in a normal world then the normal world has to be consistent and believable. Maybe if they lived in a teeny tiny town out in the desert they might have survived. Not even Matthew Broderick reprising Ben Stein’s persona as a boring and slightly obsessive principal could save this show.

    Compare to Fallout.

    This show was so dismissive of the facts of nuclear war it upset me.

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    Goosebumps movie. Gees I loved this. So inventive it’s a delight.

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