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  • Bunnings online is pretty much down - they wouldn’t take my money and i had to press buttons a dozen times to even get it to try.

    Vlines whole communication system is dead, so all vline trains are suspended

    Edit: Commbanks PayID is dead (BSB and account number still work). UBanks customer service is apparently dead too and are saying it’s a good idea to call them another day.

    Edit edit: there’s apparently a national emergency meeting underway about it, according to the ABC

    Edit edit edit: that image took 4 tries to upload

  • I like public transport and if it was run more frequently and was a bit more convenient, I would use it most of the time, but yeah, it really sucks how they can just not run a service, or a bus can leave 10 minutes early, or 20 minutes late, and it’s just like “ok… What do you want me to do about it?”

    I normally don’t complain but I was quite annoyed by that so I ended up being a bit of a Karen and calling PTV and politely lodging a complaint. Before they answered, there a message about VLine played: “Due to an external communications fault, all VLine rail services are currently suspended and will be held at the platform. We are unable to provide an estimated departure time, or a timeline for when services will resume.”. Pretty much everyone outside of the metro network is just fucked tonight. From what the app says, it doesn’t even seem like they’re trying to organise coaches - it literally just says “passengers should defer travel”

    Passengers should defer travel. In the middle of peak hour. While they’re possibly hundreds of KMs from home with no other way to get back. JFC

  • I think my bus just left without me… There was a bus parked up after (not at!) the bus stop showing as “not in service”. My bus (no tracking) was supposedly 5 minutes away, so I figured it was just waiting until peak time to start running, and another was going to come get me. Then the departure time comes and it pulls away, and I looked over, and it was marked with my route number. But it was too late, it was already half way down the bloody road

    ☹️ It’s coooooooold and I was only anticipating a 5 minute wait so I’m a little under dressed. Also, this bus route runs semi frequently (15 mins in peak), but I was going to catch this bus to connect with another bus which only runs hourly, which I’ll miss now. Ugh

  • So question: when you have to rate something that doesn’t apply, do you give it a 5 or 3 star? eBay always asks me to rate seller communication, which is almost never relevant. They mark it as posted, and that’s generally the extent of the “communication”. I have been marking that as 3 stars, but I was thinking, that probably brings down their averages, right? I’d be annoyed if my feedback rate went from 100 to 99.97% because someone thought something was irrelevant.

    Seems like a bit of a disconnect between how I issue ratings and how I take ratings into account. All this online review stuff seems to have skewed the bare minimum rating from a 3. i.e I probably wouldn’t consider a shop or seller that’s only rated 3 stars, even though in my mind, 3 stars means neutral, when it comes to reviews, 3 stars seems bad

  • I got an MSI Thin A15 “gaming” laptop. I specifically went with this one as it seemed to be the best at that price point and had a dedicated graphics card.

    Although it’s a “gaming” laptop, I fully intend on rocking this to school. I’ll turn off the RGB keyboard, and maybe tape an apple logo over the main one (although it’s not RGB and fairly discreet) or something. It’s got a metal case and full size HDMI out + ethernet, so I don’t see why you couldn’t rock it to school. Then again I have a friend whose school only permits MacBooks, even though they aren’t school provided or managed. So I guess YMMV

  • Omfg the amount of bloatware on this laptop is insane! Windows really is just bloat at this point. It reminds me of when I was younger and used to have a cheap shitty Optus/Telstra phone they probably sold as a loss leader. They used to come with sooo much bloatware. Even the cheap Samsung’s used to.

    But seriously. No I don’t fucking want Norton, LinkedIn, candy crush, Microsoft maps, or Facebook. God. And everything is so pushy, why can’t it be quiet bloatware.

    Open edge

    Search for chrome

    “There’s no need to switch to another browser! Edge performs better.”

    Close popup

    Go to the download chrome page

    “Microsoft edge performs up to 3x faster than >google chrome!”

    Close popup

    Download chrome

    Open chrome

    “Installer error! Failed with error code 57”

    Norton popup: “we found a threat on your device! But don’t worry. We blocked it.”


    this was also after about 15 minutes of trying to figure out how to fuck all the Microsoft garbage off and just use a local account.

    And now:

    MSI Centre popup: “Have you backed up your system?”


  • Update: it just arrived. I checked the tracking at 7:18 and it was still saying ready for processing so I went to the kitchen to grab some cheeky ice cream, and then there was a surprise knock on my door! Delivered at 7:21, and after double checking the tracking they’ve retroactively marked it as on board for delivery in Tullamarine at 7:12 (definitely wasn’t there before). I’m a lot more than 8 minutes from tullamarine. I’ll be honest - I jumped when I heard the knock. And yes, it came through startrack not auspost (although in my mind they’re still the same thing)

    Not complaining though, that was bloody efficient. I mean look at this!

    New laptop day though!

  • So my replacement laptop is coming today (possibly). They had an option I’ve never seen before - “Australia Post next day evening (6-9pm)”. I decided to go with this one instead of express post, because surprisingly it was actually a dollar cheaper. Apparently this is part of some service called Australia Post metro express, or possibly startrack courier (both things I never knew existed). The shipping info said they did the pre lodgement at 1pm, and apparently it WILL arrive within the next 4 hours.

    I’m really sceptical, because since when do Australia Post do after hours delivery, and half the time their next day shipping doesn’t even happen. But I will update you all later. If it actually does arrive, then I’m going to think I’m in a dream