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  • A friend of mine asked the groupchat for a ‘nostalgic’ pizza place. We figured out he meant a good bad pizza, not the Pizza Hut buffet from days of yore.

    It got me thinking about good takeaway pizza places where the pizza isn’t fancy but it still hits the spot. Fairfield Pizza is great, I could get two large pizzas and a garlic bread for $20 back in the day. Original Sinners in Macleod is up there as well. There’s a place near me called Romulus Pizza, it’s a bit more fancy but still takeaway. Probably one of the best takeaway places I’ve ever gone to, they make their own dough and you can feel the difference.

  • I hate dropping my kids off at childcare. They cry when I leave and I feel like I’m turning my back on them. I want to have them at home but I can’t give them the attention they need and work at the same time.

    I hate this performance meeting I have coming up. The way it makes me feel and it’s such a big deal over something so small. No one has been hurt and the business hasn’t even lost money. There are things I could do better but everything feels so insignificant in comparison.

    It really bugs me how I never see my MIL in the morning when we’re getting the kids ready. We live in the same house and she knows the schedule, why do I never see her when we’re trying to wrangle two kids out the door before work?