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  • I’ve thought a fun promotional tag would be,

    Aussie_zone, the socials alternative

    Possibly recognisable from a certain media outlet ;)

    Its probably better to focus on aussie_zone and any future sister servers rather than lemmy or fediverse as a whole.

    Its a broad church out there. Last night i’s reading about the Maven AI controversy. People here on Aussie_zone might be cool with promotion, (also might not be), but others on Lemmy might not be, its not practical to check with everyone on every Lemmy server, and it’d not be nice to garner a perception of speaking for them.

  • Sister instances would be my preferred option, it could mean we build the communities, but never have to sacrifice this instances culture by getting too large on a single instance.

    Adding another view would be the way to go for sister instances to connect in a deeper way than the rest of the fediverse but still maintain some semblance of separateness.

    It puts me in mind of the EU bloc, a supranational organisation, where the culture and way of life of the participating States is maintained, but many benefits of the closer connectedness are granted.

    I’d be keen for a more descriptive view label than ‘curated’. Maybe it could become an extra field that admins launching sister instances are able to fill in themselves. I guess this is something we’d have to approach lemmy developers about.

    Giving them the ability to have a uniquely descriptive name could be fun though. In our case it could be Australasian Allied Instances (AAI), or Australasian Union of Federating Servers (AFUS), or my personal favourite “Warboss Gorgritch’s Waargh on the Fediverse”.

    and, my mind is mush, i’m going to bed…

  • I think your right about a need for critical mass.

    Whether we should consider some kind of promotional campaign is probably a topic that should be discussed at some point. Be it of this instance specifically, or Lemmy in general, or even considering having sister aussie_zone instances and lean into smaller servers to create the whole.