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  • I’m sorry I did that, it was out of lack of experience and a knee-jerk reaction to reports from users who weren’t happy about posts all being lumped in the one community. I’m not proud of the mess that was early on, and I’ve switched the priorities to look after this community first, and allow the others to grow in their own right alongside this one. Pretty much the advice you gave when questioned, just quite some time later. Thank you for your contributions to this community.

  • Whether we should consider some kind of promotional campaign

    I’ve been having a think as to the best way to go about this and I think we should be promoting Aussie Zone instead of Lemmy, just because it’s easier for casual users to get their heads around:

    • We’re an ad-free place to have good quality discussions about Australian life and politics, just like reddit, except it’s run for Australians and not for profit. We’re also connected to a worldwide network of similar forums where interesting discussions can take place about issues of a global scale with communities also dedicated to memes.

  • I watched this one as a bit of a joke really, kind of left going what the fuck? I usually like it when a movie leaves me feeling like that, but I don’t know it was a bit weird and silly. Would the world magically be better if it were only women running things? Unlikely, all humans are humans there are women on both sides of the political spectrum. Just like men you can’t say that women feel a certain way. I don’t know it was just a bit weird that’s all.

    I wanna be clear all of the weird, sexist and political responses aren’t something I support. At the end of the day though is was just an ad for a doll which apparently is responsible for the achievements and ambitions of women in the latter half of the 20th Century. I’m not a woman so I don’t really know

  • even considering having sister aussie_zone instances and lean into smaller servers to create the whole.

    Especially this, with all of the drama Lemmy.world causes (and is still causing - just got a test comment I sent on there last week today). It would all come down to what is more cost effective and how the parallel federation stuff helps in 0.19.5. I think something that would make this possible is to add another view (Subscribed, Local, All, Moderator View), call it “Curated” to have posts show up from the local feed of another instance or add communities to it (all under control of the Admins). That way if we had another instance we could encourage people to sign up there for load balancing, we could also run sister instances with different default settings (i.e. disabled downvotes or open community creation or open registration). A year ago it looked like the mods of some of the Australia related subreddits wanted to migrate their communities here. Interestingly they haven’t stuck around, perhaps due to not getting power?