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  • Your take is however literally madness. It would be like you protesting on here that somone trying to get people medicine to survive if they raced across town disrupting traffic and you supported them being jailed.

    I hope they can keep it up. The stupid attached to people not understating the impacts of climate change is appalling and will collapse civilisation. That’s literally what XR, JSO etal want to try and do, prevent the collapse of civilisation and raise awareness of that so we do something. And people be like “my Uber Eats driver delivered me a cold buger, jail those protestors for life!!!?”

    I get you’re not brave enough to do this yourself but you’d think you’d at least support those who are!

  • That won’t work in Australia. You can buy the SIM anywhere of course, you just can’t activate it. You’ll need proof of ID on line to do that… There are only three operators (the rest are resellers). I am sure there are ways around it but not the one you suggest.

    When I was last in NZ you didn’t need ID must buy a SIM and good to go, not sjre thats still the case though?

  • I’ve helped a five or six folk over two decades who have thought the same as you. Donated a tube and used my pump to infate and get them on their way.

    That said if it’s worked for 10 years why bother now? The only point to make is if it does happen that you get a flat, what will you do? Ring your partnter and get a lift, or use an Uber (?) fair enough. Walk with the bike for 20k in the dark to get home ? Maybe an idea to have a spare and a pump?