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  • People on Facebook can be such hard work.

    I posted an answer to a question in a group along the lines of “I think “A” is probably right, but if it turns out to be “B” then this will be the outcome”.

    Got a reply from someone else: “wrong”.

    After multiple comments to prompt him to actually state what was wrong and to provide any sort of support for his statements (the best he could do was state “it’s obvious” that demonstrably untrue fact) I have gotten to a “well we just have different views” post. I give up. Why people feel the need to correct other’s opinions and confidently state things as fact when they don’t really know what they are talking about is beyond me.

  • What these type of people also happily overlook is just how much money they receive in the way of tax concessions on their Superannuation that allows them to be “self funded”. Decades of 15% tax on earnings (and a substantial proportion of contributions) and then no tax for the entirety of their retirement. Those tax benefits are worth more than the pension benefits, and if they want they can spend all that money on themselves and then get the pension as well once most of it is gone - and they get to have however much money they like locked away in their home which is barely counted for the pension assets test.