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    Deep below the surface, in waters off Australia’s east coast, lies a network of what scientists are now calling “sea floor super highways”.

    “So, they’re carved into the side of this massive wall, much like a river valley or canyons you might see on land,” Dr Chapman explained.

    On board the Investigator a combination of sonar technology and high-definition cameras were the eyes for the scientists almost 4 kilometres below the surface.

    The camera quality goes well beyond other traditional forms of observation like scuba diving, giving a rare insight into species that are hard to spot.

    “[Species] I heard about but never seen before, like the dumbo octopus and a really unfortunately-named fish called the bony-eared assfish,” Mr McKinnon laughed.

    For Marine Parks Australia, those discoveries could help shape their management plans, which could be used to inform government policy, including fisheries and environmental regulations.

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