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  • Shortly after, Mr Dreyfus spoke on the ABC’s Afternoon Briefing where he directed his anger about the issue towards the Greens leader.

    “I think that the Greens political party and particularly the leader of the Greens political party have got something to answer for here in the way that they have been encouraging criminal damage of MPs electorate offices, encouraging really riotous behaviour, sometimes violent behaviour, that has been occurring outside electorate offices,” Mr Dreyfus said on the program.

    Yeah, that does seem pretty defamatory. Maybe the meaning of ‘encourage’ could be weaseled about by the defence if it does go to court, but “they have been encouraging criminal damage” doesn’t seem very ambiguous. If he’d said ‘they have been encouraging protests resulting in criminal damage’ he might have more of a leg to stand on.

  • I think it’s worth emphasising here: Don’t put it off!

    There are millions who can tell you from experience that good intentions count for nothing when it comes to backups.

    I’d recommend going and setting up Timeshift right now: https://github.com/linuxmint/timeshift

    It’s easy to set up, it takes literally 10 minutes, and if you decide later you want to use something else, you can just uninstall Timeshift and delete its backups. But in the meantime you’ll be protected with backups.

    It’s literally the first thing I install on a new system and it’s saved me multiple times from having to do a complete reinstall.