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  • That’s weird, I have a laptop that probably even weaker (Pentium 2020M with 4 GB of RAM) that used to run Ubuntu fairly ok until about 4 years ago (but it has a SSD).

    It’s now running Manjaro pretty well, just can’t compile some Rust-based apps because it runs out of RAM. 😄 But I get them from Flatpak instead.

    If Ubuntu went off the rails during these last few years it’s a pity. Anyway, it should not be indicative of how well Linux runs on such a machine, just try another distro.

  • I’ve always kinda assumed that government, surveillance and analytics would be OpenAI’s main goals, and that consumer stuff is just for marketing and a good image. There’s no money and no point in enabling Jimmy Random to use GPT to find out if Africa exists, and the commercial applications of the models they produce can be better leveraged differently (black boxed TPU hardware for example).

    That’s also what I assume Goggle’s been doing with all the data they collect. The location data alone they collect from billions of phones is an analyst’s wet dream.

    If it turns out they are NOT selling all that data to be mined by evil overlords I’m gonna be disappointed.

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    Do they? Bad UI and bad notifications is something that everybody constantly complains about with Apple. But do they act on it or do they rest secure knowing they’ve got a captive audience and can simply be tone-deaf and forge on?

    I can come up with lots of other bad UI examples btw those aren’t singular. The security code input pad is atrocious. The 3D touch fiasco etc.

  • there are a ton of security experts. But none of them are the former head of the NSA.

    That doesn’t make the point you think it makes. 🙂

    Look at it this way. You can get the same expertise, in any branch you’d care to name, elsewhere. Hiring, security etc.

    What this guy is uniquely positioned to do, what you can’t get from anybody else, is oversight of integration with NSA surveillance. And that’s where the smell comes from.

  • Yeah let me know when Apple figure out notifications. They’re light years away from what you can do on Android to customize them.

    Or UI navigation. Apple’s insistence on not having an OS “back” feature has led to each app implementing their own. Sometimes it’s a button, good luck finding it and figuring out how it looks, sometimes it’s a gesture or something else.

  • I really wish I could find iPhones sufficient. It sounds nice to just don’t care and let the phone do what it will.

    Unfortunately I’d be missing out on:

    • Ability to install apps from 3rd parties (or my own).
    • Ability to install older versions of apps and to backup and restore apps myself.
    • Ability to use third party or self-hosted services.
    • Features like conversation recording (on my own terms).
    • Payments without paying the Apple tax or Google tax. etc.

  • I wanted to migrate my CSV export from Goodreads somewhere selfhosted but apparently it’s not possible. All the selfhosted book trackers I’ve tried insist on “properly” importing your books and to do that they only consider entries with proper ISBN numbers. Guess what, many of the books I’ve read don’t have those on Goodreads. So they’ll simply ignore like 3/4ths of my export. So stupid.

    Anyway, I ended up knocking together a shell script to convert the CSV to a plain text file and I’ll be updating that from now on. I never really cared about “shelves” and all that other stuff anyway, I mainly need title, author, and when I started/ended reading something. I don’t need ratings and reviews to know what I think about a book and if my memory fails I can just read it again.

    Back when people I knew were on Goodreads it was fun checking out what the others were reading but they’ve all left the platform ages ago.

  • And here’s some of mine: https://lemmy.world/comment/10439242

    I grow weary of Manjaro detractors because the malice is always there. You can’t make up your mind whether you hate the developers or what they do. You hate episodes like the “AUR DDoS” without knowing all the facts, or considering how shitty AUR infrastructure is that if a pigeon landed on the roof it would go down, so in the same breath you condemn Manjaro for “AUR incompatibility” and for promoting AUR and for “DDoS”-ing it. I mean pick a lane.

    But mostly it’s just the hate that always seeps through that bothers me, not the content (which is the same inane stuff on manjarno over and over). What kind of person defines themselves by hate for something they don’t even use? There’s a million distros out there, there’s something for everybody. You’re not Inigo Montoya, get over it, Jesus. There was a root exploit unfixed in Debian for a while, do you hate them too? Can you imagine the reactions if there were a root exploit in Manjaro? Is any of this irony getting through?