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  • There isn’t much the average citizen can do about this.

    You can get a permit to collect firewood, so it isn’t illegal, and without a judicial authority, you can’t call out someone you meet in a state forest and ask to see their permit.

    Also, with track closures, many state parks are inaccessible to people for traditional recreation, making them only accessible to bad actors who don’t care about track closures and vehicle restrictions.

  • I Piss Alone - Regurgitator

    I piss alone, ugh hoh I don’t want nobody to know That I don’t have the pressure of some of the other boys They make a noise, it scares me so

    I piss alone, alone I don’t want nobody to know That I don’t have the pressure of some of the other boys

    Leave me alone, alone I just wanna be on my own 'Cause I haven’t got the pressure of some of the other boys

    I want a world where pissing troughs are obsolete There’s only rows and rows of cubicles

    I’m so afraid When I try, it is often delayed I stand and stare into the air And then I might just put it away

    So quiet in here The only sound around is the fear The other guy is pounding the wall Like he’s shooting dear

    I need a place where I can close and lock the door There I can stop and let it flow Written by: Quan Yeomans Album: Unit Released: 1997

  • Car company’s have been doing it for decades. There are legitimate reasoning; theft relevant parts for instance; you don’t want to enable vehicle theft and the “security through obscurity” model did work for a long time. Unfortunately for the manufacturers, most factory security systems are being cracked by locksmiths and vehicle rebirthers.

    Another reason is for warranty claims. The manufacturer builds the cars to be the right balance of price, reliability, efficiency and performance. If you modify your vehicles ECU software, the engine may not be as reliable or efficient. If an “unauthorised repairer” changed the programming of the ECU, it can compromise the efficiency and reliability of the vehicle.

    There are been plenty of accusations of “planned obsolescence” because a vehicle has died just out of the warranty period, after someone has fucked with the vehicle tuning.

    Finally, the other reason, especially for Volume Manufacturers is that their vehicles are sold as a Loss Leader so they can make up the shortfall through aftersales. Some vehicle importers make deals with governments to lower tariffs on new vehicles, but increase tariffs on genuine parts, like what the Japanese industry and the Australian Government made in the 1980s.

    Whether you agree with this logic is irrelevant; this is the reasoning manufacturers use for restricting aftermarket parts and labour.

    When a “free-market” Aftermarket Aftersales industry causes the Genuine Aftersales industry to fail, Manufacturers will try to make up any losses through other channels, like requesting government subsidies “for the good of the local industry” or selling telematics data (which just “happens” to have personal user data) to data brokers.

  • If this report is true, it would reflect poorly on Apple and Google more than Temu.

    iOS does have protections in place that prevent an App from modifying its own executable code; the current argument about Emulators in the EU is showing that Apple is very strict when it comes to this sort of thing.

    Even if the App was able to reconfigure itself to access data it does not have permission to access, it still needs to ask for permission.

    I assume Google have similar protections in Android.

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    I used to write my Computer Science assignments in DocBook (XML). It would amaze the assessor’s when they said they wanted a PDF or PostScript or HTML or whatever and I would spit out a document custom formatted for whichever platform they wanted.

    Then they would ask for it in Word DOC and I would be screwed.

  • Someone made a brick-built variant of this for a 48x48 baseplate using parts salvaged from the Starwars set 75334.

    These sets were allegedly terrible and were being sold on clearance everywhere. They had some cool minifigs so people were offloading the bricks only on eBay for cents-in-the-dollar.

    I now have two nice craterscapes for my Galaxy Explorer 10497.

    Obligatory favourite brick; classic castle wall with cobbled window 4444p01.

    Obligatory least-favourite brick; classic corner piece 4737. It was held by one stud top and bottoms and made for really unstable models.