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  • PlushySD@lemmy.worldtoFuck AI@lemmy.worldAgree?
    2 months ago

    Let me make it clear first. Generative AI is not art. Prompt engineering is not a real job.

    AI is just a tool. It is still waiting for an artist to use it to create art, just as a Photography or Photoshop image is not an art by itself.

    But… training with images is the same as humans learning how to draw, though… I know it’s boring but what you said is boring too. We could fall back to the same conversation over and over because you start with the same conversation again and again.

    FUCK AI, and also FUCK PEOPLE AGAINST AI, Good thing I hate everyone!

  • IIRC that alien who cut him also asked a god to resurrect him. The one who got resurrected realised if he just practiced for 2 more days he also can have a golden version of himself…

    IMHO… DB Super is a weird recycling stuff from 20-30 years ago DBZ just for this generation of manga fans to see what happened back then

  • I just met a new friend from another friend, we went out drinking as a group and after that he asked me “Bro do you want to go check out the city hall now?”

    It was around 2AM and of course I said yes and hopped in his car.

    We went to the city hall which was very far away. His objective was to go and try to lift one of a big famous ancient bowl (it is a superstitious belief that if you ask a yes/no question in your mind, like will I get rich? And if you can lift the bowl up, it’ll be true.) The bowl was behind a big metal fence, we can see it but can’t reach it. And the security said if we want to get in we shouldn’t come at this hour. He drove me back to my place along the way got stopped by the police and good thing he didn’t drink much that day.

    So, the first time I met the guy and we went to a weird place I never went there again in my life.

    After that he brought me along to do many activities. We are still good friends until today.