We all know this, but this might be a good article to share with friends and relatives, it’s two years old, but I hadn’t seen it before.

TLDR: University of Adelaide (in Australia) scientists examined meat eating in cultures world wide, and found that more meat correlates with longer life.

They point out that previous research efforts indicating meat causes bad health are badly designed and suspect on the face of them, but even more suspect with this study

  • psudOP
    6 months ago

    Personal comment, based on information I have absorbed over the last few years, the US organisations for researching and advising on diet have been influenced too heavily by vegetarian groups, especially the seventh day adventists. This has led to the long standing rule that nutrition advice has a 5 year halflife

    I like that this diet has really stood the test of time, being the diet 10,000 years ago, being demonstrated in a scientific way by Steffansson in the '40s, and tested again by us all now to great success