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  • So, for me, 90 percent of the time this function would be firmly set to “off”.

    I bought a car that has heated seats and a heated steering wheel that I’ve never used, and being in Australia will probably never use. It did not detract from the rest of the cars functionality including its main purpose which is to get me from A to B.

    I suspect the optional functionality of this hardware button will be similar.

  • Would any? Probably not.

    Assuming the will was there, I feel a set of laws set to prevent monopoly/duopoly of ANY industry would be easier and more effective than playing around with price caps though. We had the media ownership laws (brought in by Labor) which were at least somewhat effective, until they were abolished… by the Liberals.

    Labor then tried to bring some regulation back and was completely annihilated in the court of public opinion by the same media monopolies they were attempting to regulate which kind of proved how desperately needed regulation is. But Australians are pretty stupid so we all just happily voted Liberal because unions bad.