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  • I see what you are saying. I’ve changed the settings to only show my subscribed feeds by default because as you said there is a lot of random stuff.

    What you are seeing with “All” on aussie.zone is “All” of the feeds that users on aussie.zone are subscribed to. If no one on aussie zone has subscribed to [email protected] then it will never show up on anyone’s All while in aussie.zone. If one single user subscribes to it then it will start showing up.

    So by default in “All” you will only see Meta communities if people here subscribe to them. The same will likely work the other way. Users on Meta won’t see aussie.zone communities unless someone there subscribes.

    That said I wouldn’t put it past Meta to have “bot” accounts that subscribe to ALL communities on each instance. That sort of action would put a strain on these instances as all posts would go back to Meta. If they pulled that kind of trick then I’d be all for defederation as it would impact the performance and could indicate Meta are just scraping all content from every instance. They’d be pretty dumb to do that but I wouldn’t put it past them.

  • I might not understand how federation would work but users from Meta will have to actively choose to follow an aussie.zone community in order for your posts to be visible to them on Meta Threads. Even then only that user will see your posts here. So the chance of your post here on aussie zone being visible to everyone on Meta Threads just won’t happen.

    If my understanding of Federation is wrong then I’m happy to be corrected.

  • phoenixdigita1toMetaDo we plan on joining the anti meta pact?
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    I think the wait and see approach is probably best. Your average user doesn’t have to engage with Meta even if aussie.zone federates.

    The good thing is even if aussie.zone federates with Meta your average user will never see any of the content unless they specifically subscribe to a meta community.

    There is a chance Meta users could subscribe to aussie.zone communities but really the chance of that is pretty slim. It’s likely Meta will have “competing” communities for the same topic so why would they subscribe to this little backwater aussie.zone?

    I’m 100% sure there will be many that just don’t like the idea of being federated with Meta from a personal/ethical standpoint and will likely threaten to walk even though the impact of federation will have no zero visibility on their experience in aussie.zone. That’s the beauty of Federation I suppose if you don’t like the way a site is run go elsewhere.

    I’m also certain that there will be a lot of kneejerk freakouts and amplification of anything Meta does going forward. So I do ask @[email protected] that you try to look at things objectively like the Mastadon admins are doing and try not to get caught up in the emotions of it all.

    I’m the first to agree that some of the things Facebook has done to society as a whole are horrendous but I also take issue with people being disingenuous or amplifying something that is complete FUD about some of Facebook’s actions in the past too. “Fake News” no matter who pushes it is still fake news.

  • Pretty sure they are playing the long game with VR/AR. While the headsets are bulky and heavy now they are trying to build a software ecosystem for when the technology catches up and headsets are nearer the size of a pair of glasses.

    Apple have obviously also seen where the tech is heading too and want in the game early enough as well. The price of their first offering is obviously ludicrous but in time the price and form factor is going to diminish. The first laptops and mobile phones were ridiculously large and look where we are now.

    Zuckerberg said to his shareholders when he bought Oculus that they shouldn’t expect it to turn a profit for a minimum of 10 years and possibly longer. He also warned to shareholders they would be pumping a lot of money in long before they see a profit.

    Time will tell if it pays off for them.

  • I did find a reddit thread with a very similar situation and the general consensus was for my situation of less than $1.6 million in super it makes no difference if I leave it in super or release the 85% back to myself. Same tax regardless.

    The ability to remove 85% is just there if someone couldn’t afford to pay the additional tax incurred when this excess is added to their taxable income.

    Hopefully eventually this community will contain this sort of information and less google results lead to reddit :) Do these lemmy communities get trawled by google?

    Still keen to hear the advice of others if Ive misunderstood something. Will have to get my employer to reduce the amount I’m adding into super voluntarily to avoid this confusion next year. It’s happened for the last 4 years and is even more this financial year. I’ve just been too lazy to look into which is better/worse.

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    Thanks for the detals on how the underlying infrastructure works.

    That’s pretty small DB size for now. I’ll be interested to see how it grows with time. Can you post monthly/quarterly updates on these sort of stats to satisfy my nerdery :)

    One big space saver would be keeping md5 hashes of all images uploaded in posts. Does the lemmy codebase accomodate for the same image being uploaded twice and just keep one copy? That would be a HUGE space saver for repeatedly posted meme images. (Edit: I just asked ChatGPT and it claims this feature doesn’t exist yet)

    Edit: Follow up question. If I subscribed on aussie.zone to a community called highresspacepics (fictional) on another instance does that mean your instance pulls down all the images from said community or do those images remain on the original instance?