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  • In other words, your post may still be visible on, say, a linked Mastodon server, even if you decide to delete it with Threads.

    “I think this is a downside of the protocol that we use today, but I think it’s important to let people know that if you post something and another server grabs a copy, we can’t necessarily enforce it,” Cottle says.

    … it’s not a downside of the protocol, it’s just a literal impossibility. Once someone’s downloaded something, you can’t do a thing to take it back.

  • Racism is the -ism of race — the idea that race is one of the (or the) most important traits of a person.
    That through race, you can assume things about them like their worth, how you should treat them, how they act, feel, etc.

    The way I see, all of these -isms are all like that (sexism, nationalism, etc).

    So no, it’s not racist to call yourself white. It would be racist, though, to say you’re worth more or less than others because of your being white.

  • For calendar, I use khal, which offers a TUI (ikhal command) and a non-captive UI that can print a simple list like you might want (khal command). It supports multiple calendars, ical, recurring events, etc. Since it support ical, you can add locations, times, dates, alarms, pretty much anything you want. No database required, each event is saved into a seperate ical file (easy to import into another program, if you wanna switch someday).

    I also use todoman for to-do lists, which is pretty similar to khal in terms of interface — having both a captive TUI and a non-captive UI.

    I realize this doesn’t interest you, but as a side-note: Both of these use portable file-formats that can be synced with any pretty much any calendar-syncing service using vdirsyncer, which I use to sync my events and todo-lists and address book using Posteo.

  • For years he’s been saying things things that white supremacists love to hear: White people are being replaced; legal and illegal immigrants are ruining the US; George Soros hates the west and wants society to collapse (anti-semites love that one); immigrants are dirty, uncivilized; a race war is imminent; anything done to acknowledge racism is racist; BLM protests were violent riots; mass-shooters with racist manifestos aren’t white supremacists; etc.

    There are several instances of him associating with and boosting white supremacists online, and even his show’s long-time top writer was pressured to quit after explicitly racist online posts came to light.

    This page does a fairly good job of cataloging the sorts of rhetoric he’s used that’re amicable to white supremacists.

  • For somewhat larger projects, I think the OS Haiku is a perfect example. It isn’t a benevolent dictatorship, there is no single leader — there are just long-time contributors. If you send in contributions substantive or regular enough, there’s a good chance you’ll get push access. Patches generally are accepted with open arms, and devs with push access give constructive criticism on patches kindly. The OS is better for it!