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  • fraydabson@sopuli.xyztoLinux@lemmy.mlWhy do you use the terminal?
    6 months ago

    Everyone’s different idk. I myself love command line. I have enjoyed Linux for a long time but it didn’t really become my daily driver until recently. I find it very rare that I use the GUI for more than gaming and watching stuff. Everything else is command line. I’ve had friends refuse to try Linux due to the “requirement” of needing to do stuff in command line. When I showed them some newer distros that appeal to users who don’t really feel comfortable with command lines.

  • Yes and yes. Though I believe I figured it out and as usual it was user error lol

    So antsy to play on my new entertainment center I closed the Pc game after I saw the cloud icon but not before the icon switched to the checkmark. So I redid the pc save waited this time and new error cause I don’t own the dlc on ps5. Downloading now so hopefully I’m good from here lol

  • Not sure I understand the question.

    If you mean about getting torrents that could be viruses the way it works I don’t think that would be an issue but they might have stuff in play to make it that way.

    Given the torrents nor files are ever on your computer I can’t see it being problematic. Unless it’s possible to stream a video via torrent and that torrent somehow injecting bad code in.

    Though another advantage to debrid is that majority of the content is cached due to the amount of people using it. So bad torrents would very likely not stay cached long but it could be an issue with more niche content maybe?

  • I’ve recently been getting into programming for work. Which of course has got me trying to learn more about AI. I’m still a super amateur. I started with bing AI cause that free gpt4 access and bypassing the 4k character limit by telling bing not to reply until I’m done. Now I’m primarily using free plan of phind and its vscode extension. Which I really like. I don’t use the buttons that write code as I always write code myself and rarely copy paste. Helps me learn. I just like that it’s quicker without crazy character limits.

    I did recently see that you can pay for bing AI in VS code. Then it got me thinking if I’m gonna pay then I want to make sure it is for something good and prob not Microsoft. So considering paying for phind but now I am trying to look into what others are doing. There’s a world of products I’ve never heard of like hugging face. So I guess it’s time to start my journey on finding which one works best for me. I’ve recently degoogled myself so haven’t really touched bard but if Gemini proves worth it I may.

    Just rambling thoughts from a self taught noob programmer.