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    7 months ago

    The academic consensus is that a guy probably existed who was a preacher whose teachings gave rise to the legend of this miraculous “Jesus”.

    Everything that’s assumed to be real about Jesus is completely mundane. A preacher whose followers spread his teachings and fantastically embellished his achievements. Big deal! There are hundreds of guys like that. He’s L. Ron Hubbard without the trillion-year-old spaceships.

  • Having thoughts isn’t an issue. The issue is engaging with the thought.

    You’re sitting there meditating. Then your head goes “hey, I gotta pay my insurance bill”

    And then you go, “oh yeah, the insurance bill. For my car. Do I need to change the oil yet? Oh no, I have another like 800 miles to go. What’s 800 miles from here? Cleveland? Man, that LeBron really has some longevity”

    Or instead, you could go “I’m meditating”. No judgment though, just point it out. Just note that a thought occurred and redirect your attention to the fact that you’re meditating and to your breath or whatever else. Another thought will come up shortly thereafter. You can just redirect again.

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    11 months ago

    Which is totally fine, in case you’re wondering. Speaking Spanish like a gringo is so much better than speaking English loudly and slowly and occasionally sneaking in a word like “cerveza” or saying “mi casa su casa” lol. It’s great that you’re making an effort to learn — y espero que el aprendizaje sea divertido! :)

  • Yes! …well, with a caveat.

    Huggingface models (even the ones published to the platform by Google or fb) are available for anyone to use, but they’re not quite intended to be chatbots; they’re more like pretrained machine learning models for data science pipelines.

    Still, if you know python or are willing to learn, you can use huggingface however you want. You’re totally allowed to download a model, open it in python, and ask questions to it. Or feed it a long text and ask for summaries etc.

  • I ‘adopted’ a cute femboy

    I thought you were talking about a person


    I thought you were talking about an animal and describing it in an adorable and unique way

    who came to SF at the beginning of pride month to experience a new city and life and cheer up from their depression

    I realized you were talking about a person