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  • And how if you share a file in Teams and then six months later you want to share a file with the same name to ANYONE else via teams, well that’s a big no-can-do. Teams just went ahead and uploaded that file to your “stuff to share” folder in OneDrive and didn’t put it in a subfolder unique to the chat, or add a unique prefix or suffix or anything because hey, you’ll only ever share a file with a particular name once in your life, right?

    And nobody would ever want to share a file with the same name, but different data, right? So Teams can just give the end user the choice between replacing the current file with the new one, or sharing the same one again to these new guys, because there’s no possible use case for actually having two files named the same with different information in the file, right?

    Nobody would want to share a README.TXT, or Photo001.jpg, or contact.ics, or a zip file of a folder they just downloaded from Teams’ SharePoint interface, the file that’s automatically called “OneDrive.zip” without the option to change it before saving, more than once, right? Right??

    Fuck teams. And fuck Teams(New) too, just for the shitty name.

  • Generally I bash together the one-off programs in Python and if I discover that my “one off” program is actually being run 4 times a week, that’s when I look at switching to a compiled language.

    Case in point: I threw together a python program that followed a trajectory in a point cloud and erased a box around the trajectory. Found a python point cloud library, swore at my code (and the library code) for a few hours, tidied up a few point clouds with it, job done.

    And then other people in my company also needed to do the same thing and after a few months of occasional use, I rewrote it using C++ and Open3D. A few days of swearing this time (mainly because my C++ is a bit rusty, and Open3D’s C++ interface is a sparsely-documented back end to their main python front end).

    End result though is that point clouds that took 3 minutes to process before in python now take 10 seconds, and now there’s a visualisation widget that shows the effects of the processing so you don’t have to open the cloud in another viewer to see that it was ok.

    But anyway, like you said, python is good for prototyping, and when you hash out your approach and things are fairly nailed down and now you’d like some speed, jump to a compiled language and reap the benefits.

  • Assumption:

    Someone crams a 300 watt solar panel onto the roof of their EV and manages to integrate it into the charging system so that it’s pretty efficient to use that power.


    One hour of good sunshine on the 300 watt panel = 300 watt-hours (Wh).

    Average EV energy usage : 200Wh per kilometre these days. Maybe a little more, maybe a little less, depends on how and where you’re driving.


    One hour of perfect sunshine hitting the roof of your car equals 1.5 kilometres of extra range, or you can drive your car in a steady-state fashion at a 3-5 kilometres per hour because an EV is more efficient than the average usage at lower speeds.


    Probably better off increasing the storage capacity of the battery as a full day’s sunshine will get you about 10 kilometres of range.

  • I hate how bloated the kernel is. I’d like it to fit into main memory.

    Take a copy of lspci, lsusb. Use them to build a kernel from source with only the bits you need and then make the bits you might need modules. Include your filesystem driver into the kernel and you can skip the usual initramfs stage and jump straight to your root filesystem.

    Might take a few tries, but at least it doesn’t take 18 hours to compile the kernel anymore…

  • Dave.toTechnology@lemmy.worldSand and CPU creation
    18 days ago

    You need silicon.

    The earth’s crust is about 25 percent silicon. Sand made out of quartz like desert sand is about 50 percent silicon. Beach sand is usually mainly calcium carbonate from shells and it doesn’t contain much silicon at all. Volcanic beach sand is more likely the same as the earth’s crust so 25-50 percent.

    So as long as you refine your sand/gravel/rocks/lava so that you’re left with pretty much pure silicon, you’re good to go.

  • Digg was Reddit, before Reddit came along. And then they tried to monetise it all and pushed out a site layout update that “enhanced” that monetisation aspect (sound familiar?)

    Basically they fucked it up right there.

    I left Digg in 2010 and never went back, and now the domain and it’s remnants are owned by some advertising company.

  • Also, things not designed for food use or human consumption don’t have to follow strict rules regarding their composition, and they’re not monitored.

    Nobody is checking PVA glue for heavy metals or melamine or pesticides or any other number of things that will give your insides a bad day.

    Nobody is issuing a recall if your bottle of glue ends up with ground up glass in it.

    Because it’s not food, and it doesn’t matter, until you put half a cup of it in your pizza because Google told you it was a good idea.

  • i like how the answers are the exact same generic unhelpful drivel you hear 20k times a month if you’re…

    Searching for a solution to any problem on the internet.

    There are a million ad- laden sites that, in answer to a technical question about your PC, suggest that you run antivirus, system file checker, oh and then just format and reinstall your operating system. That is also 90 percent of the answers coming from “Microsoft volunteer support engineers” on Microsoft’s own support forums as well, just please like and upvote their answer if it helps you.

    There are a million Instagram and tiktok videos showing obvious trivial, shitty, solutions to everyday problems as if they are revealing the secrets of the universe while they’re glueing bottle tops and scraps of car tires together to make a television remote holder.

    There are a trillion posts on Reddit from trolls and shitheads just doing it for teh lulz and Google is happily slurping this entire torrent of shit down and trying to regurgitate it as advice with no human oversight.

    I reckon their search business has about two years left at this rate before the general public regards them as a joke.

    Edit: and the shittification of the internet has all been Google’s doing. The need for sites to get higher up in Google’s PageRank™ or be forever invisible has absolutely ruined it. The torrent of garbage now needed to ensure that various algorithms favour your content has fucked it for everyone. Good job, Google.

  • Dave.toProgrammer Humor@lemmy.mlThe Onboarding
    26 days ago

    I work in OT. The number of “best practice” IT mantras that companies mindlessly pick up and then slavishly follow to the detriment of their mainly-OT business is alarming.

    Make your own damn best practice that suits your business best, don’t copy and paste something from a megacorp. Sure, include elements from megacorp’s best practice if they are applicable, but don’t be a slave to the entirety of it.

  • Turns out it seems the Australians have public health insurance for everyone - Medicare.

    To follow from your comment , because Australia has a publicly funded health system, the government actively works to reduce preventable diseases because it reduces the load on the system.

    So they have had:

    A sunscreen campaign and skin cancer check initiatives since the '80s.

    Anti-smoking campaigns (and high tobacco taxes) where resources are available to help quit.

    Every citizen gets a free bowel cancer test mailed to them when they turn 50 to help find and treat cancer earlier.

    Road safety laws are tight and helmet / seatbelt regulations are strict as it reduces hospital loads.

    Vaccinations for a multitude of easily preventable diseases are given for free in childhood, particularly now for the virus that causes cervical cancer.

    Those and a myriad of other public health initiatives all help Australians to live longer.

    Coupled with the fact that the cost for the whole population is borne by an income tax of approximately 2% , it means that if you are poor or unemployed, you still have access to health services. That also means that small health issues among low income earners don’t snowball until they are life threatening.

    It has the knock on effect that people don’t end up trapped in a job because it offers “good benefits and a low deductible” and concerns about pre existing conditions interfering with insurance and etc when changing jobs is generally moot.

    Then throw in mandatory government regulated retirement funds that require all employers to put in 12+ percent of an employee’s gross earnings into an employee’s fund of their choosing for their retirement. That coupled with public health generally means the whole US style worker=slave arrangement can’t exist.

    Which means the US will get nothing like this as all that screams of nanny state overlords and death panels and moar taxes killing freedom and so on and so forth. Sorry guys.