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  • Yeah OP please use a razor? Razors are made for shaving, trimmers are for trimming.

    Actual tips for shaving I can give you:

    • Stretch the skin a little with your free hand to make sure you have a smooth surface (helps you not cut into the skin) (unless you have perfectly smooth non wrinkled balls)
    • As with any body hair I’d recommend trimming before shaving so the hairs are shorter and easier to shave
    • In the same vein, frequent shaving helps keep the hairs short and makes shaving easier
    • As someone else said it might be nice to use conditioner instead of shaving cream. Personally I never use shaving cream anyway because it doesn’t help me at all lol. It anything make sure your skin is hydrated, it’ll make shaving a lot smoother

  • Not great! What was supposed to be a regular biweekly update with my team lead turned into me hearing I’m being let go. The company is dissolving my position. Apparently because they believe everything I did to set up data pipelines and structures is so solid they just need someone to maintain it now (which will be a third party).

    I definitely saw myself working there for a few years, now I’m back to looking for a job after just 1 year. Feels unfair and all the ‘it’s not personal, we love you as a colleague’ is definitely not helping at all.

    At least I won’t have to come out to them which I was dreading… I’ll just introduce myself with new pronouns at the next job ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Back to the LinkedIn hellscape it is

    Edit: forgot to mention that the worst part of this to me is definitely this week where we’re still discussing details/severance etc. and I can’t tell my direct colleagues yet. So here I am pretending everything is fine and I’m not actually super depressed about it until I can finally tell them next Tuesday.