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  • You started with the insults when you basically claimed that artists should feel the way you do about writing code about making art. You know that’s not how that works. If it makes things quicker for you, that’s great. But making it “quicker” for the artist to make a piece isn’t the same thing and it was disingenuous of you to claim otherwise. It’s especially egregious considering that what’s actually happening is non-artists are making “art” using LLM’s and companies are buying that art because it’s cheap thereby pushing real artists who actually are doing work out of the market entirely.

    A cabinet maker might use a band saw to make his life easier but just having the band saw make the whole cabinet because it’s faster? That’s not how that works.

  • You seem to think for free means just take it and use it to generate revenue. That’s not what it means to have something be posted on the Internet. An artist’s online portfolio isn’t free. That’s not how that’s supposed to work and you know it.

    If it were these LLM’S wouldn’t shy away from using music on the Internet to train their LLM’s. At least one of these firms has literally said they don’t do this specifically because they don’t want to get into trouble with any record labels. But sure. LLM’S can steal from Getty images and the NYT and be fine. That totally makes sense.

  • The last time a president was assassinated it was Kennedy in 1963. Reagan was shot as well. Two different people tried to assassinate Ford.

    It’s actually a wonder that nobody has taken a shot at Trump up til now. It is only jokes. It adds levity to the situation. The fact that someone was able to get this close to a former president with the protection of the secret service with a weapon of any kind, let alone fire multiple shots is absurd.

    The idea that it will lead to open war in the streets? I don’t think so.

    There were always going to be isolated incidences of violence in regards to this election. Given the way the insurrection has been handled (what I would consider to be one of the most dangerous things to happen to American Democracy in the last century), this is just the kind of thing to fire up his base but it doesn’t endear fence sitters to him. They’re fence sitters for a reason. And it certainly isn’t the type of thing to prevent democratic voters from voting.

    So your worry here is what? The same danger he has always posed as a Demagogue before this shooting is the one he poses as of now in the present. If you’re worried about people using this to incite more violence, that was going to happen regardless of whether he got shot at.

    People cope with current events that have the potential to impact their lives in different ways. Blind panic and condemnation of people who would otherwise be your allies is a choice though.

  • Neither are gamers. They aren’t a monolith either. This article smacks of the "millennials kill billion dollar industry " nonsense. There’s definitely mitigating factors on both sides as far as the expectations during such transactions. When I pay for something that is promised to be complete I have an expectation in my mind that it will be completed. If it’s an early access beta, I spent the money to support that product and developer.

    However a lot of developers big and small have engendered this reaction because they fall victim to the hype train. They market the game. People are interested. People’s interest begins to wain because the game is taking too long (cyber punk), or the company doesn’t want to lose the hype wave so they release even though the game isn’t finished (no mans sky, and cyber punk honestly), and this is what we get. On the other hand, we see the backlash that happens when games get canceled by larger studios. And we see smaller studios constantly miss their launch windows or expected release dates with little to no contact with the fan base or the public (Team Cherry/silksong).

    It doesn’t matter if you’re an indie developer or a triple A studio, what most gamers want is a complete game at launch, or (in the case of an alpha/beta release) updates.

    A vocal minority is being shitty here and the article is acting as if gamers are just getting together to hold developers big and small’s feet to the coals or something.

  • For one thing, half the active users don’t want the platform to grow and retain more users. That’s not going to work. We need new users to keep the flow of content and discussions. People will inevitably leave, die, post and consume less and less as their lives change etc. If we don’t get new users we won’t be around long term.

    The other problem though is that the lack of an algorithm turns off a lot of people who can’t find anything. Lemmy isn’t easily searchable, content is hard to find again if you don’t interact with it the first time you see it by commenting saving etc. the search function isn’t refined enough to allow you to find things quickly across instances or even just in one instance. Add to that that you don’t get a whole curated feed based on the things you do interact with, and the lack of one to one communities to equivalent subreddits and you’ve got a major problem.

    Niche communities won’t show up here unless they have a community behind them and a community needs people.

    Plus the toxic minority here is very loud just because there’s not that many users in comparison to literally most other mainstream social media.

  • What if you changed that statement to all conservatives instead of all Americans? Because not all conservatives support Trump or voted for him in 2016. But he is now representative of them.

    Like. Hamas wouldn’t exist without the actions of Israel. And that is exactly why so many Palestinians have thrown their support behind Hamas. But that doesn’t mean Palestinians, Hamas, or even conservative Americans are a monolith.

    The point is rather that the group is being labeled in such a way to discredit efforts to give Palestinians the human rights everyone should have. It’s the same thing that happened with the Black Community in the US and the black Panthers. This has been a thing for centuries with just about every grass roots or guerilla militia in existence. At some point if you buck the ruling classes power, you become a target and the propaganda follows.

  • Two things. One. You agree that they are charging the student and therefore providing a service and thereby would need to use licensed material because they are charging for that material or its use. Why is that different that a generative AI firm providing a paid service using unlicensed training data? We’re not talking about generative AI firms as individuals. They’re businesses. Making money off a training set that was acquired through means that took the IP of other individuals and business without their knowledge and consent and used it to create something that they are selling as a service.

    Two. There are a myriad of reasons why companies license materials and a lot of them don’t include the direct use, redistribution of, or copying of any of that material. There’s also a number of reasons schools license materials up to and including uniformity, consistency, and to put their spin on things so to speak. That’s why you might be able to find the same art course on offer just about any higher learning institution but the one at Julliard is not going to be the same as the one at the community college of Kenosha Wisconsin. The community college can’t just get a copy of the training materials used by Julliard and reproduce those exactly. What you’re saying is just a gross oversimplification of the real reasons, and I feel like it might be on purpose at this point.

  • The difference between generative AI and human created works is that a human can create something with little to no input whatsoever from someone or something else. Blind/deaf people have created things. The AI cannot create something without its training data and the people who created that data didn’t authorise it’s use. They get no credit or monitary or otherwise re-imbursement or compensation for the use of their IP. But that IP is being used to make money. How do you not see that as a violation?

    Art as a concept is agreed to be only created by human input. We aren’t talking about inspiration here because that’s not what this is. Because the AI isn’t being inspired. Because it can’t create anything at all without the training data. It would literally be nothing without it. It would generate nothing without it. You as a human being can create things without input. You don’t need to see the work of other artists in order to create something. Therefore, you hone skills using the input of others but you as a person could always put pen to paper or paint to cave wall and simply make something. The AI can’t. Therefore the claim that it is creating is wrong.

  • Because you as the artist are going to change that to make a unique work within certain legal guidelines. The fact is, the laws have not caught up to regulate this and protect artists.

    Additionally though you’re not thinking about this the right way. Your work as an artist is copyrighted. Meaning you own it and the right to license it to other entities. You as the artist did not license the use of your work to the company that used it for training data to give a result similar to your work when queried.

    There are LLM’s that do only use licensed work that they have purchased a license for or the rights to. Getty images is a really good example. But ChatGPT did not license anything. So everything that comes out the other end of a query is tainted by the stolen data or art that went into it.

    Look up why the actors guide striked and protested to protect their art and likenesses. And then tell me you don’t feel the same way. There’s multiple lawsuits going on right now with multiple of these LLM’s that have stolen data to use as training material.

    A college can’t just take your work offline and use it in their curriculum. Neither should an LLM be allowed to do that.