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  • Bout to lose my shit at work. We’re in the “Find out” stage of the FAFO process. All the pressure is somehow falling on the shoulders of the poor bloke who if we had of listened to this legend in the first place the whole mess woulda been avoidable.

    I just told one part of the business “Oi, dont fuck with X or you’ll break shit!” for the second time this year, because they broke shit again. They replied with “yes, but also something isnt working properly” and its taking all I have not to reply with “if ya’ll stop sending bloody viruses the anti-spam will leave you alone! Until then I’ve had to set it to maximum cause if you leak customer data again the relevant authority is gonna have someone shot! To say nothing of what i’ll do to you!”

  • Feeling a fair bit better. The sun is out and its a gorgeous day. I went for a drive to get a coffee and it was amazing. I just wanted to keep driving! I really REALLY missing my old car. I’d give just about anything for one last trip in it. I’d love to be standing on the dock at Cowes with a doughnut and the wind in my hair, or sitting at bar in Falls Creek with a alpine cider in my hand. Or the beach of tidal river with some fish and chips.

    I heard from the family member who brought my car the other week. They love it, but financially looking to sell it cause it makes more sense for the business to expense a new one. I know I could buy it back, but it doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t suit the family, and its just spending money delaying the purchase of its ultimate replacement: but the replacement is still years away and I’m just stuck with the dadmobile SUV. Sigh. I shouldnt complain, especially after the events of that piece of shit mazda last year. but I can still be sad.