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  • Sirence@feddit.detomemes@lemmy.worldu up?
    5 days ago

    It actually became more frequent when sms became free in my country around 2010 / when people switched to services instead of sms.
    But it has also become easier to block messages on most services so it keeps the balance.
    The age doesn’t matter. If anything, they usually become creepier the older the guy is.

  • My husband had it.

    We never bought meat to use at home anyways, so in that aspect nothing really changed.

    However it was kinda cumbersome when invited by other people, especially since we live in a backwards place where people consume meat daily. E.g. grandmas kept cooking red meat despite me trying to explain it multiple times and getting offended when he didn’t eat it.
    Oftentimes my husband would just eat a bit of it anyways and then spend the evening in the toilet throwing up, just to avoid the strange drama that telling people you can’t eat meat causes.

    That’s also how we figured out it goes away, since the doctor made it sound like it would be permanent. But eating the bit started to get less bad and then eventually stopped causing any issues. Now he can eat anything people serve again, which is saving us a lot of headache and drama.

  • Sirence@feddit.detoich_iel@feddit.deich🤖🆚💃🏻iel
    2 months ago

    C wären ‘nur’ ca 15cm Unterschied zwischen der breitesten Stelle und der Unterbrust. H sind ca 25 cm. Auf dem Bild sieht es schon aus als wäre oben rum fast 1,5 mal so breit wie unten. Deshalb ist der Buchstabe allein auch immer nichts wert, wenn die Angabe zur Unterbrust als Relation fehlt.

  • I used a similar service called lifesum (also not foss) a few years ago to successfully lose 10kg. I used the free version.
    However at the start I briefly tired both but decided against yazio because the data they asked for was extremely intrusive.

    First thing to note is that all of these apps overestimate the calories you should eat by a lot.
    They told me I could eat 1700 calories per day to lose weight but I was eating about 1600 calories before and gained weight.
    I went to a doctor to get my more accurate calorie requirements which was 1400 calories to maintain weight and 1200 to lose weight (I have an illness that affects my metabolism). I’d recommend doing the same if you can.

    Next thing is that the catalogue they use for items is filled by people and thus can be inaccurate. I recommend scanning the barcode and then still manually calculate the values and comparing both for every new product. If it is off you can make your own entry.

    For products that don’t have barcodes I usually pick the ones that are exaggerating the nutrients. Like one listing for egg will say 60 and the other will say 90, I’ll pick the 90 one.

    Also keep in mind some products have different values for cooked and uncooked, like rice, be sure to pick the one you weighted.

    You’ll only need the app for a little while since you’ll develop the ability to calculate the calories effectively enough in your head after a bit.

  • Produkte die in Körperöffnungen gesteckt werden können aus hygienischen Gründen nicht getestet werden.
    Auch Tester für so etwas gestalten sich schwierig da man die meisten Earbuds nicht einfach reinigen und desinfizieren kann. Und welches Geschäft will extra jemanden abstellen der den ganzen Tag nur Tester desinfiziert.

    Bei einem Geschäft dass so etwas zulässt würde ich ehrlich gesagt auch nichts kaufen, klingt nach einem guten Weg sich eine Entzündung oder einen Pilz zu holen.

    In der Theorie könntest du sie bei Amazon bestellen und notfalls zurück schicken, die Retouren bei so etwas werden dann meistens eingeschmolzen. Ist aber mit Blick auf die Umwelt ziemlich unschön.