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  • This type of censorship never stops. There’s no doubt in my mind as this trend continues we’re going to see other taboo communities like piracy, not mainstream accepted politics, etc. ones being banned and their servers defederated.

    We’ve already seen admins of this server removing comments and banning people for posting stuff they don’t agree with. I don’t see how Lemmy can succeed when we’re not even at like 2.5k users per day on the biggest server and the admins here are already going extreme on the censorship.

  • Just because you can change the temperature in your car from cold to warmer doesn’t mean you should either, but it’s a risk we, for some reason, think is reasonable. Not because it’s not potentially harmful, but because this one person should get a tiny bit warmer even if that means running over a bunch of school children. Why?

    You could make the case that what OP is doing is far more beneficial to society, bringing attention to people not using their headlights in the rain with a very clear example showing its effects. This could be spread to thousands or even millions of people to make them realize how dangerous this is. This could potentially save tons of lives.

  • It’s like you heard “don’t use your phone when driving” on the news one day and thought “okay, that’s because the act of physically holding a phone means you’re driving unsafely, understood newsperson!”

    This is absolutely nothing like texting or fucking around on instagram. Stop trying conflate doing something that takes literally no braincells and is no more distracting than anything else you do in the car to being completely distracted and non-functional while texting, browsing the web, or watching TikTok videos.

  • KillAllPoorPeople@lemmy.worldtoMemes@lemmy.mlVaccine research vs. anti-vax research
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    If you knew anything, you’d know this isn’t the reason why getting vaccine approval takes so long. It takes so long because there’s a mountain of bureaucrats, lawyers, researchers, and money required to get stuff moving along. Vaccines are pretty low the totem pole for companies and the government to give a shit about, since they’re usually about prevention and not treatment. Companies and the government can’t throw everything at a vaccine to approve. The only reason the covid vaccine was streamlined was because, you guessed it, we were and are in a global pandemic. Nothing about the approval of vaccines was abnormal, it still took nearly 2.5 years.