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  • Well said! The idea of “other” is just as limiting as “self”. We are all connected. We are all one. At humanity’s core and the essence of human consciousness there is no “self” and there is no “other”. By understanding this we can heal and begin to realize that everyone is simply trying to be happy and forgiving actions and understanding them becomes much easier. At least this is what I learned from reading Yongey Mingur Rinpoche’s teachings. Not saying I am right or wrong just sharing my thoughts.

  • For me the benefit of AUR isn’t necessarily the ease of download. It’s the fact that it’s community based and anyone can build a package for any software. I always git clone and then makepkg. I hate using yay because I want to read the PKGBLD myself and check the hash. I’ve found some obscure software via AUR that I wouldn’t be able to easily download on other distros. Further more the AUR website allows comments from the community which encourages bug fixes and/or a dialogue with specific package issues.