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  • The POSIFLEX issue might have to do with MBR. On your final linux installation, your partition table should NOT be using gpt but mbr and that might solve the issues.

    It has to do with older BIOS not recognising gpt and henceforth being unable to boot from the disk.

    N.B. you might have to configure your GRUB/systemd loader accordingly.

  • I had the same problem with a MSI GF65.

    I had an Intel AX201, which is basically the same device as the intel killer wifi card on the GS65.

    I battled with the issue for a very long time. It came from Windows and only from Windows. You have to disable fastboot and there is a way to shut it down “fully” which you have to do.

    If that does not solve it your only way out of it is to reinstall Windows.