I left my room for 15 minutes to visit the shitter and came back to this:

It also hit my shelves twice and my sheets thrice. My mattress protector now has avocado spots.

My window was about 10cm open at the bottom, so whatever the perp was it had enough of a brain to know how to get in and out withing getting stuck. No-one heard or saw anything.

Given the high level of sophistication, speed and excellent criminal execution: I suspect an Indian Mynah may be at fault. I swear they understand English and spend their whole lives plotting schemes.

Artists’ impressions of the crime:

I would like to assume this wasn’t actually malice and instead the Mynah was just curious, but I still think I need to consider appeasement strategies. Suggestions welcome.

  • @WaterWaiverOP
    5 months ago

    A likely suspect I photographed earlier this month:

    See what I mean? It’s trying to scare me away and/or scheming.