• @JustARegularNerd
    710 months ago

    The thing that gets me with this, is that Windows 11 is genuinely good in my opinion, and now that a lot of the launch day bugs have been ironed out, it’s much nicer to use than Windows 10 from a UX and usability standpoint.

    I feel similar with Edge. Vertical tabs, the good Microsoft integration (in my case for work), good performance, it’s a totally usable web browser.

    And then Microsoft squanders all of that with these invasive marketing decisions. I hate every time I start Microsoft Edge for the first time, there’s these undismissable full window prompts to sign into my Microsoft account, obviously this crap that’s been posted, the way Windows 10 was aggressively marketed onto Windows 7/8 users, it all leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouth.

    Working in help desk and PC repairs, I’m not looking forward to the amount of tickets and retail customers coming in confused about all this, think it’s a virus, think that they must upgrade or else, that they did accidentally hit yes on this and now their machine isn’t familiar to them anymore.

    Greed really does ruin everything.

  • @Corianas
    510 months ago

    I have already got this message. Was annoying. But yes it’s true. 2 yeses and no stay hidden out of the way in bottom left smallish print.