How are people coping with games that just won’t run on Linux (aside from leaving them behind)? Do you dual boot Windows? Virtualize? What’s your strategy for this?

This will be extremely rare for me since I don’t play a lot of competitive stuff, but I’d love to find a solution. I have a large library, and it’s bound to happen from time to time.

    1 month ago

    I switched fully to Linux on my main gaming PC about 18 months ago. Honestly Proton has become so good that I really haven’t had to dual-boot Windows or run a VM or anything. I even bought a licence for CrossOver when I first switched but ended up not needing it.

    For the few games that really won’t run (after trying what I find in ProtonDB and PCGW) I really do either A) wait for fixes, or B) just leave them behind. With a library of like 2500 games it’s not hard to find something else to play.

    These are the only games I recall not working at all for me:

    • Beyond Good & Evil (GOG) - Might be fixed now
    • Prince of Persia: Warrior Within (Steam) - Might be fixed now
    • Dauntless (EGS) - Broken due to Easy Anti-Cheat