Queensland Government promises to build yet another (probably tolled) fucking car tunnel. @brisbane

Fuck this makes me **so** angry. We KNOW this doesn’t work. You want to solve congestion, road diet the existing roads. Build good bike infrastructure. Build good public transport. How does this happen with a single off-the-cuff announcement when *months* of back-and-forth debate over public transport network with the NWTC went *nowhere*.

  • Zagorath
    1 month ago

    Yeah Nundah is much better than most places we have. It’s still a bit too car centric though, and the improvement only seems to be Sandgate Rd between Buckland Rd and Wood St. Buckland Rd itself is a major cross route within the suburb and is still very stroady (a residential stroad rather than the commercial stroad that Gympie Lutwyche, and most of Sandgate Rds are). And no improvement to the terrible Nudgee Rd in the east of the suburb.

    But even those parts that were upgraded did a B+ job of improving for pedestrians, but more like a D+ for cyclists. So it’s far from ideal. It’s a success because things are way better than before, but it’s only a middling success compared to what’s been done overseas.