Queensland Government promises to build yet another (probably tolled) fucking car tunnel. @brisbane

Fuck this makes me **so** angry. We KNOW this doesn’t work. You want to solve congestion, road diet the existing roads. Build good bike infrastructure. Build good public transport. How does this happen with a single off-the-cuff announcement when *months* of back-and-forth debate over public transport network with the NWTC went *nowhere*.

  • theroff
    1 month ago

    It will use tons of public sector resources and attention regardless if it’s PPP or a state asset.

    Just look at the recent Logan/Gateway Motorway upgrade (Logan Enhancement Project) which Transurban financed for $512M. There was least $30M of government spending directly afterwards on an adjacent road, and likely more than $100M to come.

    No doubt a $7b tunnel will similarly result in $100Ms or even billions in adjacent road spending.