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Guys with hair like this have a 300% chance of explaining why heat pumps are the superior mode of household heating to your girl:

Below are six heavily cropped pictures of Alec Watson’s hairline (the host of Technology Connections channel on Youtube).

  • Majoof
    2 months ago

    I have a room that I want to add 1000w per hour of heat energy to

    I have the options of:

    • burning 1050W of gas per hour
    • running a 1000W theoretically lossless electric resistive heater per hour
    • running a 600W heat pump per hour

    Sure, the gas is combusting, the resistive is radiating, and the pump is moving the heat, but functionally they’re all trying to add that 1000W to the room continually for an hour. One of them is doing it a whole lot more efficiently.