• In short: Tasmanian Labor leader Rebecca White says it will be up to the Liberal Party to try to negotiate with the new crossbench and form a government.
  • The Liberals need 18 votes in the lower house to govern but will finish with between 14 and 16 seats — meaning they will likely need the help of the Jacqui Lambie Network and the independents.
  • What’s next? Rebecca White’s leadership position will automatically become vacant but she has not indicated if she will put her hand up for it again.
  • TassieTosser
    3 months ago

    Yes @[email protected], I was talking about state politics. The issue we have in Tas is that a not-insignificant portion of Labor’s union base is tied to the forestry sector. That’s at odds with the Green’s position to end all native forest logging. More recently we have the salmon farms issue where Labor is in favour of continuing while the Greens want it gone. Labor is too tied up with primary industries here and the foreign-owned primary industries aren’t interested in sustainability.