• Zagorath
    1 year ago

    What percentage of yt creators are over there?

    Of all creators on YT? A tiny fraction. Less than one hundredth of one percent.

    Of the creators that I personally watch? Probably about a quarter to a half. Most of my favourite urbanist channels, excellent history and news channels, lots of amazing media criticism from a variety of angles. And some very fun game shows.

    Nebula isn’t actually trying to be a general competitor to YouTube. It’s curated to be high quality content creators. To a pretty good extent, you can guarantee that if they’re on Nebula, they’re a good creator—maybe not to your personal taste (there are plenty on there that I have no interest in), but at least good in their niche. All their creators are part owners of it (in a meaningful way, not in a “one share out of a company with millions of shares” kind of way), so they only let in creators that they think they can trust.

    And all that, for a price that’s less per year than YouTube Premium is for just 2 months. For me, it’s a no brainer.