There’s a lot of to-do list apps, reminders, calendars etc out there advertised towards us to help us do things like break down large tasks into meaningful chunks and focus on what we need to do each day, but I want to hear from the community what do you guys think is the best so let’s start a thread

  • Jawzper
    11 months ago

    I have it set to launch on startup, and always open on my second screen. I have to make a point to check my day’s task list before opening any other program, add new tasks as soon as they come up, check things off when they get done (free dopamine), and note down any unresolved items at the end of the day.

    I also end up checking it incidentally a lot during the day simply because I use it for so many things, like my schedule, appointment and lecture notes, journaling, keeping track of medication, things I want to work on in the game I’m playing, etc. I’m kind of throwing all my (previously very disorganised) eggs in this basket and it’s giving me reasons to check it constantly.

    Just now discovered a reminder plugin so I’ll start implementing that too.

    Actually getting things done is a whole other issue though. Between the ADHD and my other health issues, some days I just end up with a blank template page for my daily note… but I try not to be hard on myself about it.