Previous owners handed her in after their other cat was getting violent towards her

  • @[email protected]
    -34 months ago

    My cats have had phases, ranging from violent as hell to playing and sleeping near each other.

    Honestly Idk how violent that other cat was, but isn’t it a bit of an overkill to move her?

    • @tristanOP
      184 months ago

      I don’t know the previous owners, I just was told that when she was handed in, she was quite injured and took a couple of weeks for her to recover. Because of this, her listing said they recommended a home without any existing cats.

      She’s a year and a half old and was handed in a couple of months ago, so I’m assuming they did have her for about a year before they decided to hand her in, but again, I only know what the staff at the pound told me.

      Either way I hope to give her a good home now